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Thank you for choosing Ocugine Services as a primary ecosystem for games development. This site is dedicated to deep learning platform. Here we tried to talk about all aspects of the work and provide the most complete documentation.

Ocugine Services - is a full-fledged ecosystem for game and mobile application developers, whose task is to reduce the cost of creating the final product, as well as to increase the average receipt of internal purchases through marketing based on machine learning. Using our services, you can create great products much faster than if you used third-party solutions and wrote the code yourself from scratch.

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Who are the Ocugine services for?

Ocugine Services created for you, if you:

  • You are game developer.
  • Want to speed-up your development process.
  • Want to increase profits with AI marketing tools.
  • You need high perfomance for your services.
  • You need broad compatibility with multiple platforms using single SDK or API interface.
  • You want services that virtually no tuning required.
  • You want single SDK, with easy setup for cross-platform applications.
  • You abandon the difficulties in favor of simple solutions.
  • You are INDIE games developer.
  • You do not have the money to organize your network infrastructure.
  • You need clear, carefully prepared documentation.

Found yourself on this list? So, let's get started with Ocugine Services!

Easy to setup

Ocugine Services integrates in just a few simple steps:

  1. Create your account on Ocugine Website
  2. Create and setup your first project.
  3. Integrate our SDK for your application by few code lines.
  4. Setup all required services.
  5. Done!

Convinced of the simplicity of working with Ocugine? Begin to study our documentation and work with the control panel. Good luck!

Regards, Ocugine Team!