Get Settings


Your application can receive the Ocugine API settings that you set in the control panel. To do this, call the method associated with the API settings.

Methods Usage

To call methods, use the API object Settings. All methods are located within this URL:

Available Methods

Method Usage For
APISettings.get_settings Get Project API ID API/SDK


This method is designed to get the Ocugine API settings that you specified in the Ocugine control panel.

Method URL

Request Data

Name Type Usage
app_id double Ocugine Project ID
app_key string Ocugine Client Key
lang (Not required) string Requested language. By defaults - System language.

Responce Data

Name Type Usage
complete bool Operation Status
message string Error Message. If complete = false, returns null.
configs object Ocugine API configs for requested project

Responce example

  "complete": true,
  "message": "",
  "data": {
    "configs": {
      "uid": -1,
      "project_id": 1,
      "enabled": true,
      "limitation": 0

API Settings data object

Name Type Usage
uid double API configs internal UID
project_id double API configs project ID
enabled bool API Status for this project
limitation double Monthly Active Users Limit for this Project