Using the Localization object, you can get data to work with the localization of your application. This object includes methods for getting information about the language, as well as getting localized strings by the code that you specify in the Ocugine control panel.

The Localization object is closed and requires the provision of application keys.

Available methods

Below you can see the available API methods for working with the Localization object.

Method Usage
localization.get_lang Returns information about the language pack, if it can find it in the database.
localization.get_lang_list Returns all languages list for current project.
localization.get_locale Returns a localized text string for the requested language based on the locale code.
localization.get_locale_list Returns all locales list for current project.

What is it for?

We recommend using our localization modules, since you can quickly make changes in the cloud to instantly display changes in localization within your project. Also, do not forget to cache localized values (or use our SDKs) in order not to use too much traffic.