Ban State


This is Ban State API description for your applications. You can ban users inside your games using Ocugine Dashboard. Using this API you can get Ban State for requested user.

Calling methods

To invoke Ban State methods, use the Users object. All methods are located within this URL: 

Available methods of the Users object for Ban Status detection

Method Usage For
Users.get_ban_state Get Users Ban State API/SDK


Use this method to detect User ban state. This method can be used without any grants only with Application ID and Key.

Method URL

Submitted data

Name Type Usage
profile_uid Double Profile UID
app_id Double Application (Project) ID
app_key String Application (Project) Client Key

Response data

Name Type Usage
complete Bool API Request State (true - all right, false - error)
message Strting Error Message (null - no errors)
data Object Ban State Object

Data Object

Name Type Usage
ban Bool Current Ban State (true - banned, false - unbanned)
escape Double The time before the expiration of the ban (0 - forever)
escape_days Int Mask Expiration Time Mask (0 - forever, 1 - one day, 2 - 3 days, 3 - 7 days, 4 - 14 days, 5 - one month)
reason String Ban Reason

Response Example

    "complete": true,
    "message": null,
    "data": {
        "ban": true,
        "escape": 0,
        "escape_days": 0,
        "reason": "Cheating"