Control Panel


In this section, we will look at the basics of working with the Ocugine control panel. Ocugine Control Panel is the main place of work with your services. Here you can view analytics, manage users, cloud data and other useful Ocugine services.

Ocugine Control Panel

Control Panel Features

Using the Ocugine control panel you can:

  • Manage the list of users, group them and set conditions for grouping;
  • Send push notifications to your applications and games;
  • Support your users;
  • View and manage chat within the game / application;
  • View reviews of your project on all platforms in one place;
  • Manage privacy policies and other agreements;
  • View and customize analytics using events, conversions and funnels;
  • Use dozens of marketing tools, including A / B testing, targeted marketing and more;
  • Manage advertising in applications and games;
  • Work with gaming services in your project: achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer and other functions;
  • Manage the monetization of the project;
  • Integrate and manage security features;
  • Work with cloud services: storage, database, Backend-Builder, testing, building and sending applications to marketplays;
  • Work with the back office: communicate with employees, view notifications, create reports, work with project documents and much more;
  • Generate dozens of reports on your project;
  • Manage localization and languages;
  • Enable integration with other (third-party) services for work (for example: VK API, Google Play Services, etc.);
  • Create a launcher for games;

With the help of the Ocugine control panel - you can save a huge amount of time on setting up your project, as well as increase profits through marketing tools using machine learning.

Get Started

Getting started with the Ocugine control panel is easy. Follow this instructions to get started.