Back Office


You can send messages to employees attached to the Ocugine project or to other users of the Ocugine services using the Back Office. You also have the ability to sort all messages, set labels and other important functions. Before you almost complete messaging system that will allow you to communicate more easily with your employees.

Ocugine Back Office


In Ocugine's Back-Office, you can also view a list of various actions related to your project. Thus, you can view notifications about new support requests, new users, and other notifications in feed mode.

Ocugine Back Office


You can create events and tasks in the form of a calendar using our Back-Office. This way you can increase the efficiency of your work by abandoning Trello or other services by working with the Ocugine single platform.

Ocugine Back Office


Control access to your account or applications, invite new users to work on the project and delegate rights. A convenient and secure way to work with the Ocugine platform.

Ocugine Back Office


Inside the back-office system in Ocugine, you can also maintain internal document circulation. Generate payroll, share documents, spreadsheets and other files necessary for your work.

Ocugine Back Office

Payment Settings

You can also make payment settings by specifying automatic replenishment thresholds, adding new payment details, or generating checks for reporting to the tax authorities. Thus, we provide convenient tools to pay for Ocugine services.