Backend Services

About Cloud Services

Using Ocugine cloud services, you can build a complete server architecture for your project without programming knowledge (Backend-as-a-Service). Thus, you can create databases, store the necessary content for your applications, create application controllers, conduct cloud testing on real devices, and use other advantages of the Ocugine cloud platform.

These functions are in test mode and can be used on projects with a total CCU score of no more than 500,000. Contact support to clarify the possibility of deploying your project on Ocugine servers.


Using our tools, you can create full-fledged cloud databases without the need to deploy your services. We provide a complete cloud environment for working with MySQL databases.

Ocugine Cloud


Using the Backend-Builder constructor, you can create an unlimited number of custom services available through the Ocugine API, build your own application logic and interact with any data and objects of Ocugine services (including third-party service integration) without programming knowledge.

Ocugine Cloud

Attention! This functionality is in test mode. Contact support to determine the possibility of deployment.

Cloud Testing

With our services, you can test your applications on real devices in an isolated environment to see how your application runs and interacts with various types of devices. For this we use a number of our devices based on Android, iOS and Windows.

If you have any difficulties in working with cloud testing - [contact Ocugine support service] (

Cloud assembly

You can also perform a cloud build of your projects and immediately send them to various marketplaces. In this way, you can save time on releasing updates to various app stores.

We currently support the cloud-based build of project data:

  • Unity Projects
  • Construc 2
  • Phaser Engine
  • Quintus HTML5 Engine
  • Game Maker
  • Apache Cordova
  • Android Studio Projects

In the future we plan to support the following types of projects:

  • Visual Studio Project
  • MonoGame Project
  • Unreal Engine Project
  • Xenko Engine Project
  • Ocugine Engine Project

As well as sending to the marketplace:

  • Google Play Market
  • Apple AppStore
  • Windows Store
  • CodeBits Store


You can also generate various reports on the work of cloud services. This feature is useful for you to optimize processes. Do not neglect her.

Available report types:

  • Report on the use of services
  • Performance Report
  • Report on service costs
  • Arbitrary reports on specified parameters