Integration with Ocugine

On the integration page with Ocugine, you can connect various third-party services to interact with our system. It will take you just 10 minutes, but it will open up a wide range of possibilities: tracking payments from other services, analytics and reviews, and much more.

Ocugine Integrations

You can integrate a new service by clicking the "Add Integration" button and logging in to the desired service. After that, it will automatically be synchronized with your Ocugine project.

Plugins SDK

On this page you can download all the currently available SDKs for working with the Ocugine platform. With their help, you can integrate services into your product in just a few hours.

Ocugine Plugins

For example, you can integrate the Unity SDK into your cross-platform project and start using all our services without restrictions for all platforms, setting it up in just a day.

Launcher Builder

Currently in development. Follow the news!

Ocugine API

In this section, you can view the status of the API operation, consult the documentation, or configure all API services. Using this section, you can enable or disable additional API functionality, make access settings and manage each of the services.

Ocugine API

Ocugine Game Engine

Currently in development. Follow the news!