Setup Project


After Registration and Authentication on the Ocugine Platform, you can create your first project to use our services. In the future, you can change all its settings and edit the description.

Project selection window

After logging in to the Ocugine Dashboard, you will be redirected to the project selection page (if you have not previously selected it). You can choose a project you have already created from the list or go on to create a new one. Immediately after registration, you will not have available projects, so you will need to create a new one.

Note: You can create only one project for free. If you want to create more projects, change your plan. Read more about payments here.
Ocugine Project Selection

Creating a new project

After you go to the new project creation page, you need to fill in the fields with Project Name and Project Description. In the future, you can change this information. This information is required to display to users of your application, as well as in the Ocugine Dashboard.

Note: Maximal length for Project Name - 50 characters, for Description - 200 characters. Try to convey to your users all the information as briefly as possible.

Fill out all the necessary information and click Create Project. After that, if you have correctly entered all the information, then you will be redirected to the project management page.
Ocugine Project Creation Window


In this simple way, you were able to create your first project based on Ocugine. Now you can work with Ocugine Platform.