Setup SDK and API


Before you begin, you need to choose whether you will work directly using an Ocugine Direct API or connect a ready-to-use SDK for your development environment.
Our platform has a lot of Unified SDKs for cross-platform development and REST API.

How to connect with SDK

So, if you want to start using an Ocugine SDK - you can choose your own. You can find the list of available SDKs here. Usually, the connection of our SDK is done by the standard method for your development environment. In the case of pure C #, this can be a library connection, or an asset download, in the case of game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine.

Ocugine Direct API

You can access all the platform features using the direct connection of your project with our services through API. Our API works by the standard method and receives data in the form of ordinary POST requests.

For your project, you can send all API requests:

Available SDK

At this moment Ocugine Platform has the following SDK:

  • JS SDK
  • C# SDK
  • Cordova SDK
  • Phaser SDK
  • Unity SDK
  • C++ SDK
  • Python SDK


In the near future, the following SDK will be available:

  • Unreal Engine 4 SDK
  • Construct 2 + Construct 3 SDK
  • Java SDK
  • Kotlin SDK
  • Visual Basic SDK
  • Ruby SDK
  • CryEngine SDK
  • GoDot SDK
  • Xenko SDK
  • WinJS SDK

Deep Documentation

Using the next section, you can study more detailed documentation on working with Direct API and Ocugine SDKs.