Back Office


The back office allows you to concentrate on managing your projects, create events & todos, view project feed, organizing access to team members and managing your subscription.
Use a back office to increase your work efficiency.


You can manage all your team with customization of access rules. You can add new team members.

To add a user to the project - he must be registered on the platform.


Communicate with your team members using the built-in chats. Discuss the details of your project or record important changes.


View the full stream of events and activities within your project using the ribbon. Apart from you, all of these notifications are also displayed to other team members. Each project has its own tape.

Events & TODOs

Create events and notes with the built-in calendar. Plan events or meetings, or mark project deadlines. All calendar changes are also available to other members of your team to whom you granted access.

Project Management

This section of the documentation is in the process of updating. If you have questions about this module, ask them on the Ocugine forums

Subscription Management

Manage your subscription using a special section. If you do not have enough capabilities, easily change the tariff plan with payment per month or year.

Cabinet Setup

Before starting a game in release, be sure to include legal information about the company that is developing this project. Setup your company name, location, phone, etc. This information is public for your clients.