Dashboard Home


Once in the control panel, its home page appears in front of you. Here you can find basic information on the status of your project.


At the Dashboard Homepage you can find some information about your revenue, latest payouts, game users, etc. Also you can view latest Ocugine Platform news. If you want to see more - go to the Ocugine Blogs.

Daily Sales

This module displays your sales for the last day. In order to see the entire list of sales - connect the monetization system and configure integration with third-party services.

Game Users

Here you can see the number of registred and unregistred users inside your application. All registred users can be managed here.


In the notifications module - you can see the most important actions for your project. Here you can see latest support requests, bug reporting and etc.

What's Next?

When you familiarize yourself with the main module of your control panel, you can proceed to work with users.