Get Started


So, let's get started with Ocugine Dashboard. In this section you can learn how to work with every Ocugine Dashboard module, but first, we need to learn how to create your own Ocugine Account and your first project in the Ocugine Dashboard. After what you can learn how to work with every module in the Dashboard and via API / SDK.


Before you start working with Ocugine Platform, as with any other online product, you need to create your account. On the Ocugine website, you can do it in just a few simple steps that we will explore further.

So, just follow this link and fill all required fields:

  • Your login;
  • Your password;
  • Your real email address, which will receive a letter to activate your account.

After that, click "Create account". You will be redirected to the account activation page. But you can close it and go to your inbox. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. If the letter did not come to your email - you can try to check the folder "Spam".

After you go to your mail and open the letter, you will see the following picture:

Click on "Activate Account" in this email. You will be redirected to the account activation page. The “Key” field will already be filled in on the form and all you have to do is press the “Send” button, after which your account will be activated and you will be able to enter the control panel.


After registration - you need to sing-in. Please, follow this link, fill all required fields and click "Login". After that, if you correctly entered your data, you will be redirected to the Ocugine Dashboard:

Project Selection / Creation

After logging in to the Ocugine Dashboard, you will be redirected to the project selection page (if you have not previously selected it). You can choose a project you have already created from the list or go on to create a new one. Immediately after registration, you will not have available projects, so you will need to create a new one.

Note: You can create only one project for free. If you want to create more projects, change your plan.

After you go to the new project creation page, you need to fill in the fields with Project Name and Project Description. In the future, you can change this information. This information is required to display to users of your application, as well as in the Ocugine Dashboard.

Note: Maximal length for Project Name - 50 characters, for Description - 200 characters. Try to convey to your users all the information as briefly as possible.

Fill out all the necessary information and click "Create Project". After that, if you have correctly entered all the information, then you will be redirected to the project management page.

In this simple way, you were able to create your first project based on Ocugine. Now you can work with Ocugine Platform.

Dashboard Interface

Most of the time you will lead your project using the Ocugine Platform dashboard. With Ocugine Dashboard you can setup all ready-to-use modules, view analytics, payments, work with cloud services and build games with our HTML5 game framework. Collaborate with your team and work together using unified ecosystem of the Ocugine.

So, let's view at Ocugine Platform dashboard. Let's look at the control panel workspace so that you can easily navigate it.

Available working areas:

  • Project Switcher - Click on this button if you want to switch to another project.
  • Notifications Panel - Here you can view latest notifications of the current project.
  • Profile Panel - Here you can change your user profile and follow to Ocugine Support Center.
  • Settings Panel- Here you can see your project settings and payments.
  • Sidebar - The main menu of the control panel is located in this area. With it, you can access all the functions of the control center.
  • Fast Actions - Here you can see all fast actions for current project and module. Usually there are buttons for adding data and a link to the documentation.
  • Data Management Area - Here you can manage all your data for current project and module.
  • Live Support - Have some questions? Just contact us using this button. We are online!

You can work with all features in unified Ocugine Dashboard:

We hope that our ecosystem will help you control the entire development process and create unique game worlds.