Analytics Tools


In this section you can carry out full-fledged work with the analytics of your project. Here you can learn the basic metrics of analytics without the need for an in-carving of it. You can see Analytics Home, Events & Conversions, Users Behavior, Funnel Builder and Users Retention.

Analytics Home

This documentation section is under construction. Please, come back later or go to the Ocugine Forums.

Events & Conversions

You can create different analytics flags for your project or use default flag via API / SDK. With this flags you can see conversions and deep analytics separated by date / time.

You can filter all datas by following periods:

  • All time;
  • Last 30 minutes;
  • Last Hour;
  • Last Day;
  • Last Week;
  • Last Month;
  • Last Year;

In the "Events & Conversions" table you can see and setup:

  • Event Name;
  • Counter for this Event;
  • Using by users of this Event;
  • Growth (Relative to the previous period);
  • Conversion;

Also you can create new Events for your project.

User Behavior

You can view deep information for every registred / unregistred user of your game. With Behavior Analytics you can see user retention and events separated by time.


You can setup custom funnels for your project. Just choose up to 10 analytics flag and build your funnel.
When your funnel is ready, you can filter funnel data by periods.

Users Retention

You can see users retention overview flow with Ocugine Platform. Setup your filters and view information about retention for day 1, 2, 5, 7, 14 and 30.