Publishing and Featuring


Using our control panel - you can apply for cooperation with our partners. To do this, simply select the one who is most interesting to you - and click "Send request".

You can send requests for:

  • Publishing;
  • Investment;
  • Featuring;

Featuring Request

If you have a finished project that you want to promote through featuring, send an application through the appropriate section. We will send you information on what needs to be done for this and on what conditions this or that site works.

Right now you can send request for featuring on:

  • Google Play (Android) - by Google;
  • MI Store (Android) - by Xiaomi;
  • App Gallery (Android) - by Huawei;
  • XBox Store (Xbox One) - by Microsoft;
  • Windows Store (PC) - by Microsoft;
  • VK Gaming Platform (Web) - by VK, Llc;
  • OK Platform (Web) - by OK;

We always help you make every effort to make your project a success.

What's Next?