Using the API tools and the control panel, you can organize a complete user support system based on tickets. You can create categories, topics, write and reply to messages.

You can add up to 100 categories for your support center per project.

When creating a category, you need to specify:

  • Category Name;
  • Category Description;
  • Category Status (Active or Closed);


Your users can create unlimited topics in your support center. You can search topics by name or text and sort them by category. When you look at the list of topics, you will also see the topic name, its description, status, creation date, update date and last message. You can edit and remove topic or go to the topic messages.

You can also create your own topics. For this you need to fill the following fields:

  • Topic Name;
  • Topic Description;
  • Choose a topic category;
  • Autor ID (Profile UID);
  • Topic Status (Active or Closed);

For closed topics - messages not allowed.


Inside topics you can communicate. Thus, not only can you reply to messages, but also your users, while creating a community. In the control panel, you can moderate messages.

To integrate support system in your project - just setup API or SDK. You can also display all the content on your site using API