API Settings Object


This is a small object to get API settings for your application. You can use this object only for control API Limitations.

Available Methods

Use following methods to get API Settings: Object / Method URL Description
APISettings.get_settings https://cp.ocugine.pro/api/api_settings/get_settings/ Use this method to get your managed API Limitations.

Get Settings

In order to get managed API settings you can send POST request to followed link:


The request parameters should include:

Name Type Desc
app_id double Your Application ID. You can see your Application ID here.
app_key string Your Application Client Key. You can see your Client Key here.

Request Data Example

    "app_id": 1,
    "app_key": "example_key"

Response Example

    "complete": true,
    "message": "",
    "data": {
        "configs": {
            "uid": -1,
            "project_id": 59,
            "enabled": true,
            "limitation": 0

Data object contain configs object with following parameters:

Name Type Desc
uid double API Settings global ID
project_id double Your Project ID
enabled boolean API Enabled status. If enabled = false - Ocugine Direct API and SDKs will be disabled for your project.
limitation double Active Users Limitation for your project. 0 - unlimited MAU. Note, whan your subscription plan has own limitations.