In this section you can find out more about pricing for Ocugine services. We provide loyal conditions for our regular customers and strive to make our services more accessible to all.

Ocugine Pricing

About our plans

Using the services Ocugine, we do not charge for each service separately, and we charge a fee for your active users. Thus, in the process of testing and entering the market - you are not obliged to pay anything. We give our first users a free use quota so that you can fully test and launch your project into release.

How is Ocugine billing calculated?

We adhere to the following model - the more users you have, the less you pay for using the services.

Below is the basic pricing for customers:

Services INDIE Pro Enterprise
Active Users 0.016$ / CCU 0.010$ / CCU 0.008$ / CCU
Disk Space 0.024$ / GB 0.020$ / GB 0.015$ / GB
Network Traffic 0.80$ / GB 0.70$ / GB 0.50$ / GB
BAAS 0.80$ / unit. 0.70$ / unit. 0.50$ / unit.

When to pay?

You must pay for Ocugine services for each user over the limit of your users. If you reach the limit - your services will be unavailable until you pay the new rate, depending on the size of your users. Calculate this limit in advance, or set a flexible limit with auto-raise in your personal account.

We also recommend concluding a long-term use contract with a 20% discount for services, when paying from $ 1,000.

Available payment methods

You can pay for services using your bank card. We accept Visa / Mastercard. Your payments will be converted depending on your place of residence. The maximum term for crediting funds to your account is up to 3 business days, so we recommend depositing funds in a timely manner in order to avoid service outages.

You can also pay by bank details via direct bank transfer.

Discounts for new members

For our customers who take part in testing our services, we have provided a discount of 20% per year of service. Also, when you replenish your account with more than $ 1,000, we give a bonus to the start deposit of 30%.

You can join early access program today.